Sundays are for Fiber Fun

This time the Capitol Hill Knitters of Doom got together for a stash swap.  This always creates the issue of what to take.  There’s plenty in my stash that I don’t need or will never use–but really does anyone else want it either?  It turns out no one else wanted my dark blue “muppet” yarn.  There’s enough for an adult sweater so I brought it back home to see if it wants to be anything yet.  All the rest of my offerings found happy homes.

I got some really lovely yarn and some shoes that were being given away too. Yes that’s right good food, good friends, yarn and shoes. 

All in all it was a great time. There were waffles and champagne:


And of course there was yarn. stash-swap-stash-crop1

But not for long…

stash-swap-endThe things people brought were really astounding.  Do you see the lovely roving?  And the Malabrigo?  And the Artfibers  (that lives with me now). And the….

It helps that some of our members sell yarn.  Valerie from Actual Size Creations brought some of her seconds.  All I can think is that if those were cast offs the “good stuff” is truly amazing.  I’ll be turning some of her sock yarn into pretty little things for summer.

But best of all there was knitting.


Knitting and laughter–what could be better?


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One response to “Sundays are for Fiber Fun

  1. revknits

    What a great day for all of you – and yes, amazing yarns that are being shared!

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