Where was I….?

So last I blogged–and my apologies for it having been so long–I was distracted by a fight to keep my little one’s school open.  Thankfully that went quite well.  It was an amazing opportunity for me to use some of my old skills. I did some indepth data analysis, wrote a report, and gave a speech before the school board to demonstrate why closing the school would ultimately harm school capacity within our district.  The school board agreed and our school is thriving. I feel really good about being able to help.

Of course that doesn’t explain the rest of the time I’ve been away. So let’s see..there was Christmas, which was full of fibery goodness and new camera. This means I should have much better pictures for here and my patterns. I went to my alma mater to teach spinning, dyeing, knitting and crochet.  I lived like a college student again for a week and loved every minute of it.  And of course there has been lots and lots of pattern writing.

Most of the patterns I have in the works are a bit more complex than my previous ones. The test knitting is taking a bit more effort and time than usual. So they aren’t quite ready yet. Rest assured that when they are ready they will be happy well reviewed patterns. 

I do have one that’s up and ready now.  It’s the Flaming EarHat.  A freind of mine makes these fun hats that are basically a square with ribbing at the bottom. They’re cute and fun and she cranks them out to give to her friends.  The corners of the square look like ears when you wear them so we’ve dubbed them “EarHats”.  I love them because they’re a blank canvas, just waiting for something fun to dress it up.  My first inspiration was to do stranded colorwork to make flames around the brim.  This ends up making a thick layer right around your ears to keep you warm.  I offer it in a unisex style and a super girly version with a lace top and tassels.  I hope enjoy it as much as I do!



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