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  • Yarn
  • Needles
  • Spindles
  • Roving
  • Dyepots
  • Dye
  • Champagne
  • Air mattress
  • Sleeping bag

Isn’t that what everyone takes camping? Full report next week. Enjoy your weekend!


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For Your Consideration.

For those of you in the knitting and yarn world, it’s no secret that Sock Summit is coming up in a little over a week. For those of you not in the knitting and yarn world, why yes, we can spend an entire weekend talking about just socks.  Why do you ask?  (And if you give us any trouble about it, not only will you not get any handknit socks, we just might poke you with our pointy sticks to boot.)

In conjunction with the upcoming Summit, Ravlery is hosting a Dye for Glory contest, wherein dyers submit yarns they’ve created specifically for socks.  In light of that I’d like to mention two lovely, independent dye houses. 

The first is Actual Size Creations located here in Seattle and makes super yummy yarns.  I’ve got a pair in her sock yarn on the needles right now.  Her eye for color is outstanding. You will find her yarns in the Kettled, Mosaic, and Painted categories.

The other is Frog Creek Fibers just outside of Portland Oregon.  They’re a three woman team working together to make lovely colorways.  You can find them in the Dipped category.

They both make absolutlely lovely colorways in delicious squooshy yarns. August 1st is your last chance to vote. Go give these ladies the recognition they deserve!

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There are perks

When your friends know you have an obession with sticks and string they start to help you out. Thankfully that help tends to come in the form of “Here, I thought you could do something with this” rather than “Seriously? You need more yarn?”

This week one of my more interesting gifts arrived.  My friend Celeste has lived in more places in this world than I can track. From her travels she acquired this.

celeste yarn (2)

Two skeins of sheep colored (grey sheep that is) worsted weight yarn.  The first comes from Colorado. Here’s the details.

celeste yarn

And here’s the details on the other.

celeste yarn (3)

That’s right, it’s from Botswana. Botswana!  You’ve got some of that in your stash–right?

I love that neither one has yardage or needle or gauge information on them. It’s like they’re saying “It’s yarn, you know what to do”.  Without any preconceived ideas about what it should be I can think about what it could be. So now I’m waiting for the yarn to talk to me and tell me what it wants to be. Celeste and I think it’s probably a wrap of some sort.  I’m just waiting to see what the details might be.

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