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Things to do instead of writing patterns

The Vines and Leaves Headband is due. I know I’m the only one who knows it’s late, and I’m the one who set the deadline but still there it is late. Here I am, not writing it. I do tend to procrastinate.  So in the name of procrastination here’s my list of things to do instead of writing patterns:

1.     Make a list of things to do instead of write a pattern

2.     Update blog

3.     Take pictures of finished objects to upload

4.     Update the Zune

5.     Clean house (wow I must be really desperate)

6.     Check Ravelry for “the latest”

7.     Organize patterns

8.     Organize stash

So the good thing is that half of my procrastination tasks are other things I was procrastinating.  Maybe this will all work out together!

Okay time to go write a pattern instead.


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Is this thing on?

After writing blog posts in my head for sometime now, I figured it was time to do it for real.  It also seems that I’m actually out there on the interweb for people to see me so maybe I should have a little input on that too.

So who am I?  I do things with sticks and string. I help other people do things with sticks and string.  I have my very own fledgling company (Le Ton Beau Designs). It puts out patterns and fiber tools (aka—stitch markers, row markers, row counters, spindles—stuff like that). Once upon a time I studied math. Once upon a time I made Art with a capital “A”, or at least I tried.  Once upon a time I wore a suit and fancy shoes and did analysis.  Now I wear comfy clothes and make things with knitting and sometimes crochet. Then I write down the instructions and offer them up to the world. I put beads and things together to make tools for other people’s work. I don’t miss working for other people. I do miss the fancy shoes.

And the other question—what will I do here, on the blog?  Talk about knitting. Talk about the creative process or lack thereof.  I’ll let you know when I have new goodies to share. I’m sure the rest of my life will creep in from time to time.  It always does.

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