Real Life

You know those people you “know” online.  Sometimes you have a reason to reach out and then they know you too.  Sometimes you really hit it off and discover you have a new friend.  And then–sometimes–if you’re very lucky and the stars align you get to meet them in person.  I had the good fortune to meet AmpuTeeHee in person this week. She drove from points south of me to points north of me and I drove up to meet her in Bellingham.  It turns out that this is worth it because NW Handspun Yarns is up there. So is Spincycle  but we were there on the wrong day to drop in.  Someday I will get to see them.


So of course the big question is “When you meet someone who you’ve talked to about everything under the sun, but have never met, what do you do?” Do you hug? Shake hands? Stare at each other blankly?  It turns out you hug like the friends you are.

The other question is “Will they look like their pictures?” I think I don’t look like my online pics, but then I’m really picky about what I post.  She didn’t have that problem and looks just as great as she does online. Right down to the awesome knitted beret that she pulls off with far more panache than I ever could.


And of course the final question is “Are they an axe murder luring me to my doom?”  Thankfully she was not.

We had a great time and checked out the lovely yarns and the rovings.  The roving was gorgeous.  I’m resisting a wheel.  Really I am. My supported spindles work just fine.  Of course I’m not trying to spin up a sweater’s worth either.  So we talked fiber. We looked over our works in progress and generally had a great time.

Get yourself over to her blog and she what she has to say (no pressure hon’) and get yourself up to Bellingham to check out the fibery goodness.


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  1. I had such a great time meeting you, too!! And I swear, I WILL blog about it LOL. I am so beeeeehiiiiiiiind!!
    I am so thankful you were willing to travel up to where I was to meet, and although our visit was completely satisfying, I could have used more than just an hour of your company. It was so much fun, and it was a highlight of my trip! *mwah!*

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