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I had other plans…

I was going to work really hard on getting up a few new patterns before Christmas.

But they’ve slated my LittleGuy’s school for closure, so I need to go fight that.

I was going to finish up the washcloths that everyone has requested and make some adorable skateboard clothes for the LittleGuy.

 But I got a commission to finish up a sweater in Cashmere.  It’s hard to turn that one down. So I guess I just need to be more diligent about finding knitting time.

I was going to bake Christmas cookies with the family.



And around here even a half inch of snow can shut the whole place down.  So today is a catch up day. I’m taking care of some neglected tasks.  Like making a dear friend’s birthday present, and fixing my stitch makers.

 All in all if I’m going to be sidetracked from my plans, at least most of the distractions are nice ones!

 Oh–and I did manage to get a couple patterns up too.

elf-tree-hat-sun  elf-hat-model-small



emmet-hat-mid    oliver-hat-crop


As always you can find my patterns on Ravelry under LeTonBeau, or on Etsy–


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How to spend a nearly perfect Sunday

1)      Assemble good friends.


2)      Take ferry to Bainbridge Island. Wave at the birds and wonder why you can’t see the island today.field-trip-11-30-1


3)      Have grown-up brunch at Café Nola, where the Bloody Mary’s are perfect. They have a small size that comes in a martini glass. I recommend this one so you have your wits about you for step 4.

4)      Go to Churchmouse Yarn and Tea! They have their holiday displays up and lots of yummy yarns.  If you weren’t careful in step 3 you’ll buy *way* too much, ‘cause it’s all so pretty and lovely.  I was good and didn’t get the Handmaiden Cashmere Silk blend. I picked up the Malabrigo Angora and Malabrigo Worsted in lovely shades of purple that will become gloves.  This is actually a test for a bigger project (shh…) if the Angora works like I hope as a trim then I just have to figure out how to afford enough for the big one.  I wonder if Malabrigo offers yarn support to designers….?

field-trip-11-30-2-use1            field-trip-11-30-3-use1

5)      Hit up Blackbird Café for Lattes and Mochas (it is Seattle after all) and take the ferry home.

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