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I’ve been remiss

I thought I’d posted about the new patterns I’ve listed and yet I check in to see that I have not.

The first is the Impressions Neckwarmer. To be fair it’s been up for a while. I listed it during a heat wave last summer. The timing could have been better, but someone made a request and I had no reason to wait. It is shown in Malabrigo Aquarella and Gruesa.

The yarn reminded me on Monet’s Water Lillies. I wore this for most of last winter. It goes with the Impressions Mitts and Impressions Headband Patterns.

It’s time to pull them all out again. Today it was down to freezing and I need cozy wool to keep me warm I like neck wraps better than scarves because they have less for me to keep track of when I’m wearing them, but are still cozy warm. I also tend to get bored in the middle of knitting a scarf, so I like projects with enough interest to hold my attention.

All of the patterns are in Bulky to Super Bulky weight yarn. Do you need to whip up some last minute gifts? These could be just the thing.


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