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What I’ve Been Up To Lately

1) I finished Anathem by Neal Stephenson. I highly recommend it. He mentions evolutes, and icosahedrons (favorite toys from college) and keeps talking about people discussing math and philosophy in cloisters. I want to live in that book.
2) I made a new pattern. It just needs a little last bit of polish and some glamour shots before getting out into the world, but the testers have blessed it and I’m wearing mine right now. Here’s some pictures to tease you before the real thing gets out there.

cloister teaser
teaser (11)
cloister teaser (9)
And my favorite bit about those two things? I named the pattern Cloister before I even started the book. I love coincidences like that.


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Sock Summit

Yes, Sock Summit was over a week ago but my internet connection has been less than regular recently, hence the lateness. Lack of connectivity didn’t preclude me from traveling down to Portland to catch up with friends and fondle some yarn.
I stayed with friends I’ve had for over half my life. A mind blowing concept. Maybe not so much when you’re 10 and you’ve known your best friend from kindergarten, but when these are people you met in college…I’ll let you do the math. It was a lovely surprise to see this hanging in their guest room.
Why? Because I made and gave it to them way back when.
So how did I repay them? By teaching their progeny to spin. Just what every parent needs, a child with a brand new fiber addiction. I couldn’t help it. He kept talking about how he wanted to spin yarn, and I realized I had fiber and spindles with me and…
spin for blog.jpg
Don’t you love how he holds it with his feet? I only had fiber suitable for supported spindling and taught him that, but I could tell he’d be doing much better with drop spindle. His mom is a crafty type. I hadn’t been gone for a day when I got word that she’d made him a drop spindle and he’d made his own skein of yarn.
But you’re not here to find out what I did with my friends you want pictures of all the yarny goodness at sock summit. Ummm….I forgot my camera that day. You’ll forgive me? Let’s see if I can come up with some of the thousand words that would replace it.
First of all it was huge. Absolutely ginormous. More yarn than you can shake a couple of pointy sticks at. So much yarn I couldn’t even look at it all. At some point all my brain could do was say “Oh look, yarn”. At which point I take a deep breath and refocus. The really lovely thing was that so much of the yarn was from small independent producers. It was worth stopping and focusing and really looking at it. This was the stuff you wouldn’t find in every LYS and certainly not what you’d find in a large chain store. This was all unique. Needless to say I spent more than I intended. See
yarn pile
I promise it’s almost all for upcoming patterns, so it’s perfectly justified.
Almost… I found this little lovely and couldn’t resist.
In addition to having a weakness for yarn and knitting I also have a slight problem with vintage goodies, especially vintage plastic. This yarn holder is vintage tortoiseshell plastic with an Art Deco motif carved in the top to let the yarn pass through.
I simply couldn’t resist.

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Girliest camping ever

Ok…technically it’s the second girliest camping. One of our campers told us about a trip she did that involved formal gowns and a porcelain bathtub while camping.  Even so, this is how I like to get away.

1)        Get your knitting group together


This is a few of us from the Capitol Hill Knitters of Dooom. I’ve mentioned them before.

2)       Find a lovely farm for camping.  


This is Rodstol Farm, our host for the weekend.  It’s a wonderful place with great events throughout the year. You should check them out when you’re in the area.

3)       Make sure there’s plumbing in the area.


4)       Let someone else do the cooking


Cynthia made simple, gorgeous, incredibly delicious meals with an emphasis on local ingredients.

5)       Knit


6)       Spin

7)       Dye yarn over the campfire

8)       Go home.

Ok, I didn’t like that last one so much. I could have stayed there forever.

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