I blame the Vicodin

On Thusday I had all four of my wisdom teeth pulled. This means the Dr. was kind enough to prescribe some powerful drugs to help with the “discomfort”.  While I had planned to be competely miserable all weekend, it would seem that the procedure went very well and by Friday morning I felt fairly normal. I asked my friend David(you all remember David right?) what I should do with the day.  He told me about meeting the Yarn Harlot the night before and asked if perhaps I would like to write up the pattern for his little design.

I blame the Vicodin.  Why else would I spend all day writing, knitting and shooting this garment?  Especially when I had perfectly good reason to lie in bead and watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I definitely blame the Vicodin.

So without further ado–allow me to introduce “The Harlot’s Revenge”

pattern pic

It turns out that if you knit if out of something nice, instead of wool that resembles barbed wire, it’s really a lovely item.  Good work David! Thanks for letting me help. You can download it for free at Ravelry.com.


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One response to “I blame the Vicodin

  1. revknits

    You crack me up – pattern writing on Vicodin? Better than I would do!

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