Let’s test a theory…

Here’s another field trip report.  This one has a guest. 

w dave 003

David from sweaterproject.org was in town so did my best to show him a good time.  How do I know him?  We went to college together. Way back when I was trying to design with woven fabric and he was making chainmail and neither of us knit.  Ok, I do have a sweater from that era. It was the first thing I ever made, (that’s right no scarf, no washcloth, started with a sweater) but I don’t think it would persude anyone that I was a knitter. I have advice for any of you in college or about to be in college–choose your friends wisely, if you’re lucky they’ll be there forever.

Friday we hit up Weaving Works. I bought yarn for a “coming soon” project.  Sunday we headed out to Brainbridge Island and went to Churchmouse.  How can you not go to Churchmouse?  There’s a ferry ride, great yarn, ice cream nearby and now there’s wine too! At Churchmouse I was very good and resisted the Handmaiden.  Someday I’ll have some of that…someday.

Anyway if there’s one thing I’ve learned from reading David’s blog it’s that nothing generates hits like a picture of a boy in a kilt.

w dave 005



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  1. It was great seeing you again! We really must do that more frequently than twice a decade.

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