A little virtual Champagne.

I went to Reed College, where in order to graduate, each senior must turn in a thesis.  Understandably this is sort of a big deal when you’re going through it. Seventeen years ago I turned mine and participated in the ritual of the Thesis Parade.  (There’s supposed to be a picture inserted here of me after my champagne drenching–but the years seem to have whisked it away.) 

What exactly is a Thesis Parade?  The day Senior Theses are due, all the seniors gather outside the library, get drenched by their all their friends, are led through the library by the marching band, and out the orignal library door and up to Eliot hall where you should have turned in your thesis already because at this point all is chaos and joy.

So why am I bringing this up on a random year?   Because this is Alex. She turned in her thesis this week and she marches in her own thesis parade today. She and I met last fall when we were both in the same issue of Knitty. I had Versatility and she had Oncleows.  Later we co-taught classes this past winter at Reed.  She makes great yarns and patterns and is about to be thrust out into the real world. As an alumna I feel I should tell you all to check out her stuff. You should also buy liberally from her. Those student loans don’t pay themsleves.

A huge congratulations to all the Reedies celebrating today.  You did a great thing.


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  1. You went to Reed? My grandma lived on Woodstock! I have fond memories. I think that’s why I love Greenwood so much – all the bungalows. 🙂

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