Triumphs and Tribulations

So I was very pleased with my latest creation.  It’s a reversible scarf, suitable for men and women. It came out of a variety of influences.  I made some socks that had a zigzag pattern on them.  I took that pattern and made it less angular so that it would resemble images of rivers in Japanese woodcuts and watercolor paintings.  I’ve also been looking at other knitting designs and I’ve been struck by the beauty and simplicity of just using basic knit and purl.  I wanted find something a way to work with that simplicity. 

Finally I realized that most of what I make is very, very girly.  There’s nothing wrong with that, but I do know several men who knit and it hardly seemed fair to not offer anything for them. So I’m trying to think about what men might want to knit and what anyone might want to knit for men.  I think this one is a nice first step. 

So that’s the good part.  What’s not so good?  Well, I still can’t photograph very well. I’ve done research and it’s partly the equipment.  I desperately need a tripod, and I very much want an SLR.  Maybe Santa will be good to me this year.  (See Santa, I differentiated between want and need, that’s good right?).  Mostly I need to get better with the details.  I shot the following pictures quickly, when I realized the light was good one afternoon.  But that meant I didn’t take the time to really lay things out well and double check the front vs. the back of the piece. I know I said it’s reversible but there is a subtle variation. Maybe you can’t tell, but I can. 

So anyway, here’s a preview of the scarf.  I’ll try to get better pics soon.  That way we’ll be all ready to post a pattern.


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  1. The yarn I’m using for that scarf you were asking about is Plymouth Royal Llama Linen.

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