So I did not go to Rhinebeck, much to my dismay.  Yes it seemed the entire knitting world descended on Dutchess County New York to frolic amongst the fiber and fun.  Alas, I was not one of them.  So what’s a girl to do instead?  Why, head out on her own fiber field trip fun of course!  My friend Lucy and I spent Sunday heading out to Bainbridge Island for our monthly pilgrimage to Churchmouse Yarn and Teas. As usual we carefully chose What To Wear.  After all, if you’re heading to a destination LYS you can’t exactly pop on a store bought sweater can you? Lucy wore not one, but two lovely hand knit sweaters. Her red ribbed one and the brown cabled cardigan she just finished. (I’m terribly sorry, I can’t remember the yarns—I’m bad that way—and I have no pictures). I’m especially envious of the cardi.  I took the opportunity to debut a couple of new items from my own patterns.

One was the Snowball Muff.  I had submitted this one for consideration for the Winter issue of, but this one didn’t make the cut.  Amy Singer (the editor) writes the nicest rejection letters, and she invited to put together a proposal for something specific for the Summer issue.  So all is good there.  This also means that I could release the pattern for the muff in plenty of time for Holiday knitting.  I was surprised how useful it was.  It has a little pocket so it doubles as a purse.  When I needed my hands free, I just slid it up my arm a bit and could pet all the yarn I wanted.  When my hands were cold I just snuggled them inside it. 

I also wore the matching cape. Together the look is a bit over the top, but I’ve never been one to dress normally, so I was okay with the looks I got. For the most part people would look twice, then get that “awww” look and smile. 

This is Lucy modeling the cape and muff for me.


I posted the pattern for the muff and managed to get the matching headband/earwarmer up as well. It’s a freebie on Ravlery.

 And see


It really does have a pocket. You can find them, as always, on Ravelry or at

As for other knitting news—I finally made it over to the Capitol Hill Knitters hook up.  I was really glad I did. Everyone was really nice, and I even scored some yarn.  Valerie of was unloading some bamboo. I couldn’t resist.  Besides yarn that supports local artists is perfectly justifiable—really.

Well, a proposal is due to KnitScene.  I better go work on that. Wish me luck!


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